Jet Provost T.4 Update 1.01

This update includes the following fixes (soon to be available at

  • New interior model with minor changes to animations
  • New engine starter code. Cold & Dark start now works properly. The engine starter button now auto releases after 34 seconds, as the real aircraft. (Procedure: click to start, then it will auto release when started. Click to reset if starter fails.)
  • New relight switch code. “In air” restart is possible if forward speed can drive the jet fan (min 100 knots).
    (Procedure: Press and hold switch until engine starts, and starter light shuts)
  • Fuel Valve Test Gauge. The valve test ” flip shield” now locks the button. Only one valve can be tested at the time.
  • The DME range switch is now selectable at 20 or 200 NM
  • The DME range gauge needle now indicates according to switch setting (20 or 200 NM)
  • The Kollsman “rolling drum” digits are now fixed. Values below 1000mb will show correctly
  • New CAB file including updated systems gauge
  • New Jet Provost T4 manual that reflects changes
  • New to fix misspelled labels
  • New Jet Provost T4_check.htm that reflects changes
  • New Camera config for the Instructor position (Co-Pilot) Made by user TheFrog

A special thanks you to Roman Stoviak (Spokes2112) for his assistance and contributions to the system coding. He is a true master of FSX/P3D scripting and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).